How good is a 5000 mAh power bank?

Are you constantly running out of battery power on your smartphone, and are you thinking about buying an external battery? This is the right decision, as an external rechargeable battery will allow you to feel comfortable every time your smartphone’s battery runs out on the road.

However, the question arises: what capacity to buy an external battery? At first glance, the answer seems obvious: the larger the capacity, the better. However, this is not quite true. After all, the higher the capacity, the larger and heavier the battery itself becomes. Today we will figure it out, is 5000 mAh power bank enough good or not. For clarity, we will take an external rechargeable battery from a Chinese manufacturer – Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh.


Xiaomi is faithful to its own philosophy – Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh is packed in an aluminum case with a minimum of identification marks. The main feature of the model can be confidently called the dimensions – 125x69x9.9 mm. The power bank is close in thickness and width to most 5-inch smartphones, and in height, it is confident 15–20 mm lower! Moreover, the mass is also humane – only 156 g.

The upper and lower ends are service ones: one contains information about the capacity, and the second contains USB (Type-A) and microUSB ports, as well as a key and LEDs. The light indication consists of four diodes that notify how much the power bank is charged:

  • 4 glowing bulbs – from 100% to 75%
  • 3 glowing bulbs – from 74% to 50%
  • 2 glowing bulbs – from 49% to 25%
  • 1 luminous bulb – from 24% to discharged state

To find out the charge level, you must once press the button next to the diodes. The button also serves to forcibly reboot the «brain» – if the device for some reason does not charge the connected gadget, just press the button.

The microUSB connector is used to charge an external battery, the short cable included is suitable for these tasks. Below we will also look at how much does 5000 mAh charge.

The regular lace does not look like a miracle of engineering, but it also does not cause associations with low-quality crafts: the plastic blocks from which the plugs protrude are moderately tight, and the cable itself is covered in a noodle-type braid, which will have a good effect on its stability in the long term.

Is 5000 mAh power bank good?

The device contains 5000 mAh in the name, but in fact this number does not speak about the capacity that you can count on, since 5000 mAh is available only at 3.7 V, but we are interested in the indicator for “smartphone” 5V – this is only 3300 mAh.

The practice of tricky labeling is common among manufacturers of external batteries, but Xiaomi, unlike almost all competitors, at least honestly writes about the real capacity that the consumer should count on.

However, these are all lyrics; the device needs to be tested in practice.

Tests: is 5000 mAh power bank enough capacious?

Test conditions: smartphones were discharged to 1%, after which they were connected to the Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh, the devices were not used during the charging process, but all the radio modules remained on, no energy-saving modes were activated.

Test with iPhone 6s Plus

In one hour, the iPhone 6S Plus replenished its charge by 57%, while the indicator lights indicated that the portable battery was still 50 to 75% energy. When the iPhone displayed 79% charge, Xiaomi shifted the indicator light to just under 50% charge. After reaching 100% charge, the battery was still blinking with two diodes (but not for long).

The next day, after deliberately discharging the iPhone again to 1%, the test continued. Now Xiaomi Power Bank 5000 mAh could not fully charge the device – the smartphone replenished the power supply up to 79%, which still looks impressive against the background of the power bank capacity.

The iPhone 6s Plus’s built-in 2,750mAh battery could hardly take that much power from a portable device that claims to have a capacity of 3,300mAh. However, there is an explanation for everything – the subject has been in severe operation for 11 months, the charge cycles have already been more than 400, and the actual operating time in comparison with the first months has decreased by 30-40%.

Test with Xiaomi Redmi 3s conducted a similar power bank test with the new Xiaomi Redmi 3s (battery capacity – 4100 mAh declared and 4050 mAh typical), which did not change even 30 cycles. This smartphone replenished the charge by 74%, which, given its phenomenal autonomy, will be enough for a confident two days of use.

How much does 5000 mAh charge

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh charges quickly due to not the most capacious battery. A full charge from the 1.2A power supply took 4 hours and 26 minutes, and the 2-A charger fully recovered energy in 3 hours 31 minutes. The latter indicator coincides with the manufacturer’s statements; it is from 2-A power supplies that Xiaomi itself recommends charging the gadget.

Features of operation

Almost all users of power banks buy (or use a complete) short wire in order to conveniently carry the device while simultaneously connecting to a smartphone, simply by putting the latter on a portable charger. This works well with batteries in plastic cases, but since the Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh case is aluminum and the ends are sharp, be prepared to get a scratched power bank and the smartphone itself, especially if the latter is also made of aluminum.

We strongly recommend buying a cover together with the power bank itself to avoid trouble. Alternatively, you can tie the case yourself (or ask a loved one to make such a gift).

The device was tested in a typical scenario – we recharged the smartphone on the way home from work, which usually takes 30-50 minutes of travel by transport. The battery itself had to be charged at this rate every three days – optimal for city mode.

Is 5000 mAh power bank good enough? The tests shows that definitely yes. Although it all depends on the specific circumstances


Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh is ideal for the city: a miniature body, low weight and neat appearance will not annoy the user, be it a person or a girl, a student or an executive, and the 3300 mAh capacity is enough for almost any smartphone to hold out an additional working day.

It is better not to make long trips with this device, after all, 3300 mAh will not save you during a transatlantic flight and will not be able to recharge two or three gadgets 100%, but within the urban rhythm, when the smartphone sat down at the most inconvenient moment, Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 5000 mAh will come in handy.

In general, how good is a 5000 mAh power bank depends on your rhythm of life, as well as on how actively you use your smartphone during the day and how long you are away from the outlet.